Saturday, 16 March 2013

Domestic Sunbed Rental (Warrington and surrounding area only)

Solan Sunbeds started home hire of domestic sunbeds 29 years ago in 1884 and are now the longest established home rental company in the UK.

We have 3 domestic sunbed models available: The 9 tube 160 Watt canopy at £49 for 6 weeks, the 18 tube double canopy at £79 for 6 weeks, and the 22 tube 225 Watt sunshower at £89 for 4 weeks.

Delivery is free in the Warrington area. Surrounding areas can hire from us for a £10 delivery fee up to a 10 mile radius of Warrington

"Rent a sunbed in Warrington for £49" appeared in our very first ad in the Warrington Guardian in 1984, and the price is still the same in 2013!

Domestic Sunbed Hire Warrington Area only

If you are outside our area look on The Sunbed Hire Directory for sunbed hire companies in your area

Goggles and instructions are provided.

Its easy to rent a sunbed in Warrington, just ring Warrington: 01925 232 232 to book a sunbed for home delivery the next day.

Apologies but we do not cover Widnes, Runcorn, Frodsham St Helens, Altrincham or Northwich. However these and other areas are covered if you wish to buy an Ex-rental home sunbed.

One advantage of home hire is that the 'No Under 18s' rule applicable to tanning salons does not apply to home use sunbeds. Additionally customers with young children or no transport find it more convenient to hire at home.

Our sunbeds are re-tubed regularly to ensure maximum performance at all times. Many customers choose to buy the sunbed from us after the sunbed hire period.

Some of our customers have been renting a sunbed 2 or 3 times per year at home from us for over 10 years, and prefer the convenience of handing it back when they have finished with it, even though they could buy it outright from £169. The advantage of course is that the tubes are replaced regularly so they always achieve a quick tan. So if you wish to hire a sunbed in Warrington, simply ring 01925 232 232

Information above valid until end of March 2013 - terms and conditions apply

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